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Tile and Grout Cleaning

This subject may be the least fascinating part of any cleaning service information. But we also understand that it while it is not a “sexy” subject to think about, it is very important part of the overall “big picture” of keeping a business clean, sanitary, and looking good to both visitors and employees alike. Cleaning tiles and removing dirt from grout can be a daunting task. And regular mopping or normal cleaning of tiles at home or office cannot remove the accumulated grime hidden in the grout lines.

Grout is a porous material between the tiles, that has a tendency to absorb dirt and grime. Over a period of time, this grime gets accumulated in the pores of grout and builds up on the tile surface; this eventually make your tiles appear murky and shabby. Then it looks like one of those scenes from a movie about irresponsible young bachelors who never clean their place. It takes professional tile and grout cleaning services to restore the shine in tiles.

At Aqua Commercial Cleaning, our expertise and the usage of sophisticated equipment enables us to restore the gleam and gloss to your tiles, making them look cleaner and newer. Whether you have ceramic tiles, porcelain or any other type of tiles, our trained tile and grout cleaning experts use state-of-the-art technology and methods to effectively extract the grime embedded on the tiles and seated deep within the grout. The result is shining, gleaming tiles that can even reflect the switch lights above and look as brilliant as new.

Our professional tile and grout cleaning and restoration services include:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Sanitizing tiles and grout lines
  • Replacing missing or damaged grout
  • Color Sealing

Deep cleaning

Our experts in tile and grout cleaning services undertake deep cleaning of tiles using high pressure rotary tool combined with truck-mounted steam cleaning. Our professional deep cleaning service uses specialized cleaning equipment to break up the built up dirt, clear away the stains and remove grime build-up hidden within the grout lines. The result is the cleaner tiles and grout that look new.

Grout absorbs dirt much more quickly if it is not sealed. Our experts apply sealants which close the pores of the grout and make it harder for dust to penetrate into the grout lines. Sealant is applied liberally on tiles that work as a barrier and stop dirt and spills from getting deep into grout lines.

The amount of time undertaken for deep cleaning depends upon the size of tiles, size of the room and how soiled the grout lines are. For an average room, deep cleaning can take 30 minutes or up to an hour. If you prefer to have sealant applied, then the process takes longer.

Color Sealing

Color Sealing is a process in which a paint or dye is applied onto the grout to restore its color and sheen. Our effective color sealing process brings back the lost sheen to discolored grout by applying a color to grout lines, making tiles and grout look brand new.

Color sealing not only enhances the appearance of your tiles and grout but also acts as a protective shield that prevents grout from soaking dirt and spills and makes it stain proof.

Benefits of color sealing:
  • With color sealing, you can change the color of grout to any color.
  • It makes grout stain proof, and gives a uniform appearance to grout.