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Handyman Services

Are leakage in ceilings and dripping faucets giving you troubles? Besides being an unhealthy eyesore, those conditions can lead to expensive repair work later. Did you know that leaky water faucets can cause a waste of gallons of water every month that adds to your bills and operating expenses? Well, at Aqua Commercial Cleaning, we’ve “got your back’! Our professional services include more than just cleaning, and we can help you resolve those issues in a most efficient and timely manner.

Our expert cleaning personnel are well trained to observe and report maintenance related issues. If they spot any problems such as broken door handles, leaky water faucets or seepage around toilets; they are quick to inform the client. Our cleaning experts and technicians take a proactive approach to office and home repairs, and if they are well equipped to fix the problems, they give the client a free estimate and sort out the maintenance service needs. Our trained cleaning experts can replace old or broken ceiling tiles, mend leaky faucets, swap out window shades and more, to ensure that your office premises function safely and properly.

Our cleaning experts take customer satisfaction seriously, and make an extra effort to sort out your maintenance issues and help you avoid unnecessary expensive repairs. Our business is helping you to operate your business in the most safe, cost effective and productive manner possible. If you win, we have done our job properly, and we take pride in doing that. A satisfied customer is our best source of referrals!

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