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Gyms, Spas and Fitness Centers

Recent studies have shown that gyms, spas, and fitness centers produce more airborne illnesses than almost any other environment. In addition to greater personal interaction between people at those facilities, there is also more physical contact with equipment than anywhere else. And many common viral infections such as flu and colds come from handling equipment that has been used by people carrying those viruses. At Aqua commercial Cleaning, we understand the greater need for cleanliness and hygienic environment in gyms, spas and fitness centers.

That’s why we provide the top, most reliable and effective cleaning services in the Northwestern Chicago Metro area for gyms, fitness centers, and spas.

Sweat and odor not only can increase the spread of both airborne and contact diseases like the flu and colds, they can also tarnish your reputation and brand value. You can’t afford to develop a bad reputation as a place where people get sick from being there regularly. And nobody likes a stinky environment! We understand how critically important it is for your facility to be both aesthetically pleasing because of its exceptional cleanliness, but also how crucial it is to be completely sanitary at all times. Visual appeal and sanitary reputation is so important in your business, and Aqua Commercial Cleaning has an enviable reputation at helping businesses like yours to achieve those goals.

Our highly trained spa cleaning experts ensure that the spa and gym equipment, plus the entire fitness center is perfectly spic and span. The result is a clean and healthy gym or spa environment that acts like a magnet for your clients to work out or relax! And satisfied, happy customers spread the good word to their friends and neighbors, which is the most effective way of growing your business!

We also provide the highest quality retail cleaning services at competitive prices for:

  • Recreational Centers
  • Banks
  • Auto Showrooms
We Provide the Hightest Quality Retail Cleaning Services
at Competitive Prices also for: